5 New Beauty Products to Try

11 Apr

Recently, Beautylish.com, an amazing beauty site packed with great tutorials, tips, videos, and online boutiques to purchase your favorite beauty brands from, held a twitter contest asking followers to tweet their guess of what the next brand sold in their online store would be. So my lucky guess of Inglot was correct and I won!!! Seriously nobody ever wins those contests!!! But I guess it was my lucky day. So by the next day I had already put in my order and received the goodies that same week (their shipping time is ridiculously fast!!). So I thought I’d share my picks with you…

{No flash}

{With flash}

1. Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadows

I absolutely love these shadows. So soft and pigmented and come in a huge variety of colors!! Their freedom system allows you to buy empty palettes with anywhere from 2-20 squares in them. I bought the 2 square palette to put my rainbow shadows in #114 and #118 in. And for all you Z-Palette users, they are in a metal pan so you can just purchase them as is and insert them directly into your palettes. The best part is that the single color shadows are only $6 and the rainbow shadows are only $8!!!!

{Top: By itself; Bottom: Packed on top of glitter glue}

2. Lit Cosmetics Glitter Pigment in Seeing Stars

Lit sells the best glitters on the market!! And there are 52 shades to choose from! The one I got is a black glitter mixed with yellow, blue, pink, purple, and green sparkles. So gorgeous! Can’t wait to layer it over a smoky eye for a great party look!! $13 for a single glitter or purchase 3 glitters and receive a free lit kit

3. Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner 

I’ve never been so excited about a brush cleaner before! The first client I worked on while using this commented on how much they loved the citrus-y scent. I love that the smell gives clients the confidence that I’m using clean, sanitized brushes. I use the spray to disinfect the brushes when I’m in a hurry or on a job but then use the Parian jar to really deep clean them. I love the net in the bottom of the jar because it really allows me to get all that gunk and pigment out of the brushes. And I just love the way it looks-what can I say, I’m a sucker for cute packaging!!
{No flash}

{With flash}

4. Armour Beauty Lipgloss in Edie

Can’t get enough of this highly pigmented, super creamy lipgloss. And the color choices are absolutely gorgeous!! Can’t wait to get my hands on even more of these. Edie-named after Edie Sedgwick is a beautiful opaque beige color. It looks great on all skin tones and compliments a smoky eye perfectly-just like they suggest on their site. 

5. Paw Palette

After using this awesome hands-free palette, it made me wonder how I went my whole life without it. Makes me angry I didn’t think of it first! But seriously-it straps right around your wrist and allows you to put all your liquid/cream products onto it without dirtying up your hand. I bought the magnetized one so it allows you to hold eyeshadow pans, bobby pins, etc. Makes working with a client or on set so much more efficient. Comes in a couple different adorable styles/colors but I just went with basic white so that I could easily see the true color of the pigments I was using. 
Well that about wraps it up! Are you excited to try any of these????
xo Courtney 

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